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Air Polishing

Air PolishingTooth polishing is performed to remove stains and plaque from the tooth surface. Traditional polishing techniques, however, can remove the fluoride layer over the enamel (hard outer tooth layer) and cause damage to exposed dentin (inner tooth layer), cementum (root surface) and certain restorations. Air polishing is a highly effective alternative that overcomes these drawbacks.

The air polishing device consists of a light hand piece through which pressurized air directs a slurry of water and abrasive powder against the tooth surface. New air polishing systems use powders such as glycine or calcium carbonate that are less abrasive but highly effective.

Air polishing has been shown to be more effective at removing stains and plaque than traditional polishing techniques. It is very useful for cleaning around orthodontic appliances and implants without causing damage. It can also be used to remove plaque from the tooth surfaces below the gum line with minimal damage to the soft tissues. The procedure is less time consuming, more pleasant for the patient, and reduces operator fatigue.

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